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Logic – Everybody

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A Realization of Self
Musical skill9.6
The Awesome Part
Neil deGrasse Tyson is on the Album
Lyrics are deep and keep you entertained
Music is fresh and great vibes for a night drive or at the beach.
Versatile and Clean for Logic, the samples used are great and recognizable, yet modernized.
One of the Best Concept Albums in Hip Hop done in while.
The Bad Part
TOO SHORT! Not Enough Tracks!
The Freshest thing out in 2017 Guaranteed!
A Solid Profound Album
This is Logic's latest masterpiece as he tries to spread love in an era where hate, racism and ignorance is dividing the world. It is a record that will humble you and remind you of what you are sent here to do.

Leave it to Logic to deliver the album, I’ve been waiting for a quarter century. I knew the message would have to come in a simple, mainstream friendly and consumable yet exploratory way. This is the album Tupac or Biggie would have eventually release with their wise minds observing how the world has progressed (or regressed) in recent years.


It’s about me being black and white, and seeing life from two sides. It’s about the cultural evolution and how you can go from the darkest of skin to the lightest of skin. -Logic on Harmontown podcast


If you have no idea what I’m talking about, no worries its not that you’ve been living under a rock, Logic although loved by radio hosts is not stuffed down your throat as much as Coldplay or Beyonce. He’s a clean cut rapper that stresses more over meaning and lyrical content than looks, much like his peers J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar.

Give it a listen and let me know what you think!



Just to give you a taste of what this album is all about:


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Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Unworthy

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Big fan of Vancouver Sleep Clinic just found his latest track Unworthy. Its ambient, beautiful and meticulously built for climax. He reminds me a lot of Bon Iver with a combination of Brian Eno and hints of Jon Hopkins and Tycho. 

If you haven’t heard of him before he also goes by the name of Tim Bettinson. He’s worked with several artist most notably Chinese American artist ZHU.  Right now he is working with  Al Shux on his debut album, entitled Revival, set to be released on 7 April 2017.


Here are the lyrics:

You are so worthy of everything I have to give
But i burn with feeble offerings
Nothing to sustain, fan against the flame
Oh what i’ve made

So take all of me
Please take all of me

It’s like I’m running away from me
It’s like I’ve taken the puzzle in me
And left it scrambled for all to see
It’s like I’m fighting behind these walls
And hiding through metaphors
This is real, these are flaws

So take all of me
Please take all of me



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Prince Dead at 57

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The musician master craftsman known as Prince has passed on … TMZ the first to report it this morning. He was 57.

Prince’s body was found at his Paisley Park compound in Minnesota early Thursday morning.

Various sources associated with the vocalist affirmed he had passed. TMZ acquired the crisis dispatch require a “male down, not relaxing.”

The vocalist, full name Prince Rogers Nelson, had a restorative crisis on April fifteenth that constrained his private plane to make a emergency landing in Illinois. In any case, he showed up at a show the following day to guarantee his fans he was okay. His representatives told TMZ he was combating this season’s flu virus.

Preceding his latest appearance, Prince had cleared out two shows because of his wellbeing concerns.

Prince turned into a global genius in 1982 after his breakthrough album “1999.”

He went ahead to produce a huge amount of hits – and racking up 7 Grammys simultaneously. He additionally performed at the Super Bowl in 2007 … in one of the best live exhibitions ever.

He has sold more than 100 million records amid his career. What’s more, he’s won the Academy Award for Best Original Song Score for Purple Rain in 1985.

Prince was hitched two times – the first run through to his back up dancer Mayte Garcia. They divorced in 2000. He then wedded Manuela Testolini and they split in 2006.

He was accepted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in 2004, and performed an unbelievable rendition of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” to close the ceremony.

Prince, was a companion and friend of the Versace family, having worn the iconic fashion’s signature prints and embellishments and additionally going to some of the house’s fashion design shows in Milan. More recently in 2011, he went to the Versace for H&M party in New York City where he performed for 60 minutes and shut the night with his exemplary hit “Purple Rain.”

After hearing the sad news of his death, Donatella Versace shared an exclusive remembrance with Billboard about the loss of her dear friend:

“I am crying. All my memories are coming back to me. He was one of my closest friends. I will always remember when he rented a club, only for him and me. We listened to his music and spoke about the young generation. The young people were so important to Prince. They have to follow the example he set, to believe in their heart, respect their own soul and never trade their own individuality. It is what made Prince outstanding and relevant forever. I will always love him.”