I just revisited Mutemath recently and fell in love again with their Changes album and the titled track as well. It seems that everything is about chill and relax these days, but Mutemath nailed it with Changes. Definitely in love with the vibe it brings, very unassuming and natural you can just pick it up on freeway as you drive to the Beach.

Here’s the detail on Mutemath Changes:

In 2015, Mutemath released the album Vitals, and followed it up in 2016 with a remixed version of the album, aptly titled Changes. That album’s title song “Changes,” with its warped synth stabs and hard-clicking drum track, is the only new song in the set.

Usually, Mutemath produces their own music, but uncharacteristically, Eric Disero was allowed to handle those duties for this song. Disero also remixed their single “Monument” for the album.

The song, written about the way things (and sometimes people) are cavalierly and prematurely thrown away, made its public debut at a 2013 acoustic piano set by lead singer Paul Meany including an extended bridge that was eventually removed from the song.


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