A Pop by Josef Salvat, A Refreshing Taste.
If you love Pop, You'll Love This
Josef Salvat's London Pop carries this EP with a refreshing taste in an over-saturated industry.
Musical skill4.4
Josef Salvat at the front man position
A Refreshing Pop sound from the busy streets of London
More of the same
Nothing revolutionary
Nothing New but it is clean-cut Pop.


As you can see from his single “Open Season” Josef Salvat knows he’s not fooling anyone or reinventing the wheel as he builds his career. But you have to admit although repetitive “Open Season” is a classic example of Salvat’s genius talent in creating simple, catchy and consumable Radio-Friendly tunes.

Since the announcement of the album “Night Swim” by Josef Salvat, fans waited with baited breath for its release. This highly anticipated album comes from London-based pop genius Josef Salvat, potentially one of today’s most talented pop artists. His songs can be defined as “anti-love,” and express a special kind of sensual angst through thoughtful lyrics and catchy electronic beats.

Today’s pop music has a habit of being easily digestible and easily accessible, with current chart-toppers releasing new music faster than ever. These artists have started a new wave of pop music, introducing concepts such as surprise albums or collaborations. While Joesef Salvat is from what many would consider to be a popular mainstream artist, his newly released album “Night Swim” is more than expected to launch him into the eye of the public.

While most pop albums today have little focus on the quality of music itself, looking more to what will sell and what will not, “Night Swim” gives the listener an entirely different feeling. The album does not feel rushed, nor does it give any appearance that it was done simply to appease a record label or make money – no, this sensual album was put together with clear thought, and fans of Salvat recognize that; “Night Swim” differs from any other pop album on the market today, with few others able to achieve what Salvat has with this album.

The first song on the album is known as ‘Open Season,’ and overall introduces the rest of the album very well. In fact, it achieves exactly what anyone would expect out of a chart-topping album, and really sets the stage for what’s the come. This rolls into the song ‘Paradise,’ which is sure to get all listeners up and moving to its unforgettable electronic beats and great lyrics, making it the ultimate dance tune. While this song is sure to have anyone on their feet, the lyrics themselves are truly worth a listen, as they discuss the reality behind wealth and fame. While ‘Paradise’ is a dance tune at its core, the very end of the song is quite unexpected, and is sure to have listeners thinking hard about the meaning of the song.

Salvat begins to switch up the tone of the album with the song ‘Every Night,’ which has undertones of gospel music, making it contrast with the overall tone of the album. While ‘Every Night’ may not be exactly what listeners were expecting, smash hit ‘Shoot and Run’ is everything a Josef Salvat fan could want and more. Listeners of “Night Swim” are already aware of the album’s tendency to switch gears very quickly, and ‘Shoot and Run’ is no different; released as a single prior to the announcement of “Night Swim,” ‘Shoot and Run’ is nothing less than psychedelic and mysterious, giving the listener an experience they are sure to remember. The lyrics themselves are thought provoking, using a girl trained as a killer as metaphor for the dog-eat-dog behavior of the music industry today.

While “Night Swim” is typically considered to be an indie pop release, many of its fans often wonder why it is not considered a concept album, as the music is so unique many cannot believe it is anything less than experimental. The music on “Night Swim” can almost be compared to that of the legendary “Sargeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” by the Beatles – listed as a pop album, but known as a legendary and experimental psychedelic journey by its listeners.

One of the biggest downfalls of modern pop music is the lack of depth found within their lyrics. It’s well-known that many chart toppers rely more on the sound of the music rather than the lyrics themselves, and Salvat works to fight this stereotype through the moving words to his songs featured on “Night Swim.” Salvat wrote the album with the intention of expressing himself and telling his story, and any listener of “Night Swim” will notice the extent to which he accomplishes this task. Each song tells its own story, whether it be about love, loss, or the music industry, and each come across as highly relatable to the listener. This lyrical prowess combined with some of the most infectious beats in pop music today make “Night Swim” so unique when compared to other recent pop releases.

Music fans who prefer easily digestible music that requires little thought to access may want to keep their distance from “Night Swim,” as it aims to be anything but easily accessible. While other pop artists are working to top the charts, Josef Salvat works to tell his story, and this passion clearly shows after several listens of his most recent release. Many listeners will not grasp “Night Swim’s” full meaning during the first listen, and some may not enjoy it in the slightest. With this in mind, many listeners have this experience, and it will likely take two or three spins to really stick and show what it has to offer. Listeners who are patient enough to truly appreciate “Night Swim” will be rewarded with a nearly spiritual experience, and will be nothing less than amazed by the talent of Josef Salvat as a singer as well as a songwriter. While he may not be a famous chart-topping pop artist as of now, this album is sure to launch him into the stratosphere with some time, and will almost undoubtedly lead to massive future success for Josef Salvat.




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