A Modern Soul Album
What's Good
Lyrics carry this album through and through.
It has a story to tell and if you read between the lines a deep one.
Some tracks have solid beats and production like 'Deja Vu' and 'Immortal'
What's Happening?!
Some of the tracks are nothing new from what we've already heard from Cole
Not His Best, But Definitely Solid and Strong
Buy It, Love It
Buy 4 Your Eyez Only



J. Cole is back and with a solid album although not his finest, the impetuous flowing lyricist covers political, social, personal and philosophical issues within his life and those closest to him. As always solid lyrics and beats, but this album is different as shown by multiple fan theories, this album may not all be about him but in a way it is. Cole speaks from a first person view talking about typical life in his hometown slinging drugs on the street, mourning the senseless lost of life in useless violence. Although it may not be Cole’s point of view but of a friend’s. It also touches upon the manner of how society constraints people from the hood and blacks to selling dope, rapping or playing in the NBA. Kind of a set loop (if you catch the West World Reference) for all caught in that situation. But it also shows that if you leave the loop you can find an alternative narrative in which Cole finds himself from the one his friend found himself living. The strongest tracks and immediately spoke to me were ‘Immortal’, ‘Deja Vu’ and ‘She’s Mine Pt. 1’ & ‘She’s Mine Pt. 2.

If you remember previously J Cole’s tribute to Michael Brown “Be Free” this album feels like an expansion of that feeling and theme.



What I was surprised not to find were the two songs he released earlier ‘Everybody dies’ and ‘false prophets’ but no worries if you haven’t heard it yet two amazing songs  and the fresh videos by Scott Lazer check em out below:

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